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Building monitoring and management system

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The building monitoring and control system makes it possible to control energy consumption in real time, store data about energy consumption during a certain period of time, and automatically control energy consumption during the day. The information gathering system operates on the basis of a unique self-adjusting wireless network. The system is capable of self-recovering and selecting the best data transmission route. The system unites devices of different types in one controlled complex. The system may incorporate energy and gas meters, cold and hot water meters, fire alarm, lift-positioning devices, and temperature sensors. It is possible to use either original devices designed by Intech 21 or standard devices designed by other manufacturers. If required by the customer, the system may incorporate unique devices. The system provides a 3-dimensional model of the premises under control with a possibility to select any separate room or control area. It brings a more effective control over the entire building. A significant advantage of the system is that temperature data obtained directly from controlled rooms are used to control temperature regime in the building. A color palette in the 3-dimensional model corresponds to the temperature regime, which significantly eases visual control.
No additional effort is required to install a device in the network. Moreover, the system provides for a continuous extension by adding new units and modules, by connecting other control systems of the building. Such extension means simple installation of devices. There is no need for the operating organization to call for specialist and to perform adjustment and checks. The system will do everything by itself.
The distinctive feature of the system is its operation with the use of the Internet. Any local server or remote computer of the system can be accessed and operated via the Internet, which gives a unique possibility to control different remote objects from one location. The location of building - whether in Moscow or in New York or in Tokyo - is of no importance for the system. All objects have equal rights and have equal servicing and control possibilities.
The system has no limitations imposed by with multiple rates. It is possible to control energy flow and organize payment systems. Data from devices come in non-stop mode, in real time and are stored to the database.
The systems can be easily extended or reorganized, if necessary. The flexibility of the algorithm makes it possible to add or remove any devices without additional adjustment of the system and reprogramming of other constituent devices.
The use of the system for complex energy, gas, cold and hot water management is cost-effective. An electrical meter with inputs for signals from other meters is used as a recording device. It results in significant savings both at the system installation stage and during its operation because the number of technical devices becomes significantly lower.
During the system installation, maintenance can be performed either by the operator or from the headquarters of the managing company. A universal device with inputs for signals from other recording devices can be used as a recoding device.

Felix Ltd is the official representative of Intech 21, Inc in Europe, Russian Federation and CIS countries. Felix has exclusive right to distribute the technical solutions, systems and devices of Intech 21, Inc on the said territory.

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